Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My blog has moved to Wordpress

I have decided to move my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. 

The last time I moved I took all the content with me, but this time I have decided to archive all the old stuff here at and start fresh at my other domain

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Comment Spam and the future of Blogger

I have decided to disable comments on this blog because of the large volume of spam comments I am having to cope with. They outnumber real comments 20:1 now.

Talking of which, how long can Blogger continue? Google have not updated this platform for a few years and I can't see them maintaining it for much longer.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Approximate Comparisons for the larger Monette mouthpiece sizes

Placed here in case anybody needs it.

This is a rough comparison of the larger Monette trumpet mouthpiece sizes.


Supposed to be equivalent to a Bach 1 1/4C but I feel it is closer to a 1 1/2C


The biggest Monette trumpet mouthpiece. Roughly the size of a current Bach 1 but the rim is semicircular with the high point in the middle.


Flatter than the 1-1 making it feel smaller and the cupis not quite as big. Something like a Bach 1X.


Very similar to a Bach 1C.
The 1-5M is the same rim but with the 1-2 cup making it feel a bit like a NY Bach 1.
The 1-5D is the same rim but with the even deeper 1-1 cup.


Like a 1-5 but with a flatter rim making it feel mid way between a Bach 1X and 1C. Not dissimilar to a Wick 2 rim.