Friday, February 7, 2014

Latest independence referendum poll from Yougov

Latest poll from Yougov for The Sun shows:

Yes 34
No 52
Don't know 12

This puts the No campaign 18% ahead and is  hardly any different to the polls conducted in 2012 which I reviewed here.

You can download the full poll statistics from Yougov here.

However the analysis of voting intentions by social group and gender makes very interesting reading.
It seems that income has little effect on how people will vote, but gender is a significant factor.

Yes 44
No 47
Don't know 8
Would not vote 2

Yes 25
No 57
Don't Know 16
Would not vote 2

If the yes campaign are going to close the 18% gap then persuading more women to vote yes is key.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Churches in Edinburgh on the Internet

Just a quick statistic on the visibility of churches on the internet in Edinburgh.

I did an incognito search on Google today (meaning that Google ignored my previous search history and location) for "church in Edinburgh".

The first page of results (ignoring review links for two Church of Scotland churches which are tourist attractions) were:

Church of Scotland congregations - 1
Independent churches of various kinds, mainly charismatic - 6

The second page results were:

Independent churches - 4
Episcopal churches - 2
Roman Catholic churches - 1
United Reformed Churches - 1

My thoughts on this are that it reflects the age range of the people attending these churches. The older generation don't really use the Internet to the same extent as the young. These are also the growing churches that are actively seeking new members so they have a need to advertise.