Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Moody Blues - I Really Haven’t Got The Time

I Really Haven’t Got the Time, written by Mike Pinder, has the distinction of being the only song recorded by both versions of the Moody Blues. That is the original line up with Denny Laine (sometimes referred to as the Mk 1 Moodies) and the second lineup which included Justin Hayward and John Lodge. This was Justin and John’s first recording session as members of the Moody Blues. 

Clint Warwick had left the band in late June 1966 and was replaced by Rod Clark (Bass and vocals) who debuted on 14th July. He stayed with the Moody Blues until Denny Laine Left on September 24th. It was this line up which made the first recording of this song.

Here are the details of the two recordings:

  1. Recorded 8th September 1966 at Decca Studios West Hampstead. Personnel: Denny Laine, Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas, Rod Clark, Graeme Edge. Produced by Denny Cordell. Available on two disc 50th Anniversary edition of The Magnificent Moodies
  2. Recorded 30th March 1967 at Decca Studios West Hampstead. Personnel: Justin Hayward, John Lodge, Mike Pinder, Ray Thomas, Graeme Edge. Produced by Tony Clarke. Available on the CD Prelude and as a bonus track on some versions of Days of Future Passed.

Here is a live recording of the same song from the programme Beat Club, featuring Denny Laine and Rod Clark, broadcast on 27th August 1966 (11 days before the first studio recording):

And a live recording from French TV featuring Justin Hayward and John Lodge which must have been recorded at some point between October 1966 and March 1967:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Linux mint battery not detected

Sometimes the battery in a laptop is not detected by Linux mint. This is indicated by the battery monitor icon having an X in the corner and the battery charging light not coming on. Querying the hardware in shell will show the battery as not being installed.

Usually this is caused by the battery having gone flat when the laptop was put on standby rather than being fully shut down. To fix this do the following:

  • Plug in laptop and boot up.
  • Log in with username and password.
  • Shut the laptop down and leave power supply pugged in.
  • After a couple of minutes the battery charge light should come on.
  • Now switch on laptop.
  • Battery indicator should be working and show a percentage.

Sometimes no icons will be displayed on the desktop.
This is also caused by the battery going flat on standby or by the shut down after standby not working correctly. Usually rebooting will fix this.