Friday, October 27, 2006

Church Name Generator

Setting up an African led church in the UK?
Having problems thinking up a name?

This generator will make some suggestions for you:

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mona Lisa looks like the Veil of Veronica

I was watching a documentary about relics of the crucifixion earlier today. I had never seen the original "veil of veronica" before but as soon as I did it looked rather familiar.

Have a look at the face on the veil and the face of the Mona Lisa, especially the long nose, position of the lips and the alignment of the eyes.

I have no idea what this similarity means. It could be as simple as them both following the same artistic idea about what constitutes beautiful proportions for a face.

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Is it possible to prove the non existence of God?

This is a bit like trying to argue that there are no snakes in the wild in Ireland.

This is a long held belief, but you would have to look under every stone and in every bit of undergrowth to be absolutely certain.
You would also have to be looking in all the possible places a snake could live at the same time in case it was moving around.
Any rational person would agree that you can't prove without doubt that there are no snakes in Ireland.
Therefore, you can't prove that there is no God.

Furthermore, because God is spirit its much more difficult to find God than a snake.
You need to have spiritual antennae to detect spiritual things just like you need a radio to detect radio signals even though they are around us all the time.

Its not possible to prove the non existence of God unless you can explore the spiritual realm fully.