Tuesday, February 9, 2016


My QSL Card by Tony/LZ1JZ  QSL PRINT

This page is being set up to hold information about my amateur radio station. This page can also be accessed at www.gm4svm.com.

Visit my profile on QRZ.com here.

I was first licensed in 1982 as GM6NRE before passing the morse test and switching to GM4SVM in 1984. It's hard to believe that I have been licensed for 34 years, but it is true. Even before this I was an active short wave listener as ARS 50828 (the ARS rather than BRS indicated that I was under the minimum age for joining as a full member of the RSGB).

My main interests have been HF. Mainly CW too because of my limited ability to have big antennas. Although I did have a monoband yagi for 10m for a few years. I have generally stuck to resonant antennas for one or two bands e.g. Extended double zepp for 12m; 3 ele yagi for 10m; dipole for 15m made from aluminium tubing and mounted at top of roof; off centre fed dipole for 80m; 40m dipole with short centre matching section to improve its match on 15m.

At the moment I have an FT450D feeding into a dipole in the attic. Unfortunately, I live in a bungalow cut into a hillside so I can't get a wire antenna up high enough to be much use. I intend moving to a vertical antenna outside as oon as practical. On VHF and UHF I have a Baofeng UV-82 handheld and in the car a SainSonic VV-898E (25W model, same as Leixen  VV-898S). I like the programmability of these Chinese radios and have them set up to only cover the frequencies I need to use.

I am a member of RSGB and RAOTA (#1947). I hold DXCC and many other awards. My son, Ross, is licensed as MM6NRE.