Friday, October 29, 2010

The Bradbury Foundation

The Bradbury Foundation is Hong Kong’s largest charitable trust.

The Foundation, based in Hong Kong, is a grant making trust that was established by Mr Bertram Walter Bradbury known as “Bertie” (and in Chinese as Bai Puli). Born in 1888 in Shropshire he was a Master Butcher who emigrated to live in Hong Kong. Originally working for the Hong Kong Milk Company he founded his own business, initially in the printing industry and then in the property and stock markets. He was a well liked person, owned the first television in Hong Kong, skinned the last tiger in the colony and had a close affinity with the Salvation Army. During the Japanese invasion of China (1942-45) Mr Bradbury was interred in Stanley Camp, Hong Kong.

In the early 1960s he set up a trust fund to help British charities that assist the elderly and disadvantaged in Hong Kong and the UK. On his death in 1970 his considerable fortune was committed to the work of the Bradbury Foundation. Many institutions and Schools in Hong Kong are named “Bradbury” as a result of funding from the foundation. The foundation banks with HSBC.

The trustees meet once per year in November and consider applications put forward by their country representatives. The UK representative was, for a long time, Dennis Minns. Their current UK representative is Hugh Inman.

At date of writing the trustees are following a five year plan. The foundation's four main themes during this period are believed to be: The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, the elderly and the blind. They are not funding anything which falls outside of these themes. In addition, due to the current financial crisis, the Bradbury Foundation no longer funds multi-purpose community centres. Previously this was one of their main areas of support. Funding for UK based organisations is now restricted to England and Wales. They have stopped funding projects in Scotland.

This article has been put here to provide further background on this rather mysterious, but often talked about,  trust.

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